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Selling Your Home

Cantin Property Appraisals in Regina, owned and operated by Robert J. Cantin, also provides other real estate services in Regina and surrounding area.

Purchasing a Home


Robert Cantin can work with you as your realtor to complete your new home purchase. He works with buyers to ensure his clients obtain the best price for the home they are purchasing. Robert works with buyers from all backgrounds, whether you’re buying your first home, your vacation home, or you’re somewhere in between. He works hard to get you the best price and find the property that meets all your needs while staying within your budget.

Selling Your Home

Real Estate

If you are preparing your home for sale, Robert Cantin can work with you to ensure your asking price matches the current home value and market trends. You don’t want to undersell your home, but if the listed price is too high, it may deter the right buyer. Robert will work with you throughout the process, from placing the home on the market to the closing. His experience in the industry combined with his knowledge will ensure you are in good hands.